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Youtube channels that are worth watching if you are interested in Energy-efficient building design

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In this blog I decided to write about some of my favorite youtube channels, which I consider, are very beneficial if you are planning to pursue EEBD masters program. When it comes to online resources, one can simply feel lost since there is a vast amount of data and yet so little time to review them all. Especially when you are not sure what you are searching for and you want to find general information about a specific topic. And to be honest, most of the time educational videos are boring to watch, therefore I always try to something that is short, informative, has a lot of animation and graphic resources.

  1. Exploring alternatives

Exploring alternatives share alternative living video content which is very interesting and inspiring at the same time. Their content includes videos about people and their real-life experiences living sustainably in tiny houses, RVs, vans and even in boats. Moreover, they post videos about zero waste living, off-grid living and passive houses as well.

Exploring alternatives

  1. Real engineering

I think Real engineering will be very beneficial for architecture students like me, who take their first steps in the engineering world. Here you can find very interesting answers to simple questions about climate, energy, materials and much more.

  1. TED-Ed

TED-Ed says that they are creating “lessons worth sharing” and I completely agree with them. Their content is so interesting and entertaining you can even watch it instead of Netflix. The thing which I appreciate the most is the unique animations and great storytelling techniques which make every complex topic much easier to understand. Compared to the channels I mentioned above, TED-Ed has more general content, however, they often speak about renewable energies, energy efficiency and other related topics.


  1. The B1M

The B1M, as the name suggests is more architecture and constructions oriented channel. They discuss very interesting topics with short informative videos. This channel helps me to stay up to date with the world’s latest architecture and construction achievements.

The B1M

  1. Engineering mindset

Engineering mindset is probably one of the most precious channels for me since it helped me a lot to understand how complex heating and cooling systems work. It is a really good resource, where every little detail is explained fundamentally, step by step. I especially recommend you to watch videos about heat pumps, HVAC systems and heat exchangers.

The engineering mindset

I hope you find these youtube channels interesting and inspiring. Please let me know if you have some more youtube channel suggestions in the comments below.


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18 March, 2021

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  1. Sankalpa Poudel

    hi! Thanks for making informative blog. I have been following Green Home Institute beside those that you mentioned above. Being the Ambassador of this program, I could suggest you to make separate blog targeting Civil Engineering background student too. Personally coming from civil background I have keen interest in sustainable building. I would love to hear from you on this topic.

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