Your home away from home

Finding accommodation in Lund is considered one of the most challenging parts of student life. So it was for me 🙂 Without going deep into detail I would recommend you to keep on trying to get one from LU accommodation or AF Bostäder, or through the student nations, if you are still looking for it. This is a safer way comparing to renting from a private owner, since there’s always a risk to come across a wrong person. However, sometimes it happens that the landlord becomes your family, you never know.

These days I moved from my apartment in Östra Torn, a very quiet area in the east of Lund. Some say it’s a bit isolated, but I loved it for it was spacy and cozy and it was my own, with kitchen and bathroom. I’m already missing it.. Now to complete my experience I’ll be living in a corridor in Vildanden close to Nova Lund shopping area. Vildanden was designed in late 1960s by architect Bengt Edman, as well as Sparta. I’ve been worried about its brutal character in the beginning, yet the building turned out to be humanistic and warm (even the corkscrew staircase is OK, if you don’t have to take the suitcases on the 4th floor). Let’s see what it is like to stay there!

Have fun and enjoy your pre-arrival time!


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