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World Water Week 2019

A couple of fly agarics that caught my eye on a field trip to a local forest on the second last of the conference.

In the final week of August I had the opportunity to visit Stockholm for the first time and work as an assistant at the World Water Week, an annual conference on everything related to water organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). 

WWW 2019 was very special to me because it was my first big conference as well as my first visit to the Swedish capital. I did not have to time to prepare too much for my trip to Stockholm, so my first impressions were rather unfiltered and I was thoroughly surprised by the city’s beauty. As pointed out by Stockholm’s Mayor Anna König Jerlmyr during a podium discussion at WWW, Stockholm’s area is 30% water. Since I had not studied the local geography before coming,  the bridges, views, and public ferries came as a pleasant surprise to me. 

A couple of fly agarics that caught my eye on a field trip to a local forest on the second last of the conference.

Apart from the great location, the conference itself was also a very enriching experience, as I had the chance to meet and listen to global leaders in the water sector, including federal minsters and other politicians, as well as senior engineers, researchers, NGO representatives, and lobbyists. As an assistant I worked on a voluntary basis for SIWI, which in turn granted me free access to the entire premisses (including a backstage area with refreshments and meals), as well as to several evening networking events. During the day I usually had to work at several spots throughout the TELE2 Area, where the conference took place completing tasks such as helping speakers set up their powerpoint presentations or scanning visitors’ access passes. I also had the chance to go on two field trips to visit lake Erken research station and have learn more about water management in Swedish forests.

The World Water Week is a great place to meet thousands of people in the water sector.

I can certainly recommend anyone interested in the Water Resources Engineering program to sign up as an assistant at the WWW to learn more about this field and make valuable new contacts.

29 September, 2019

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