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Working on Master Thesis

This semester, has been quite a change from the previous semesters, primarily because I have been working on my master thesis. For the SUDes program, you have the entire semester to work entirely on the thesis itself. You don’t have scheduled classes and you work on your own schedule. You can do your master thesis where ever in the world you want to do it. So there have been people in my class that are doing their projects in Germany, Colombia, Iceland, Turkey etc.

Personally, before the semester started, I had an idea for a thesis project, which I was extremely excited about, but I also had a teacher tell me of another project in Helsingborg with the municipality. When I sat down and talked about the projects, I realized the the project idea I had, would be more of a PhD project to do it right. I ended up choosing to work with the Helsingborg Municipality. Then came the task of finding an adviser. Which was to be honest, a scramble to find. I did manage to find someone that works with White Architecture in Malmö.

So I was ready to start working on my project. When I was in my undergrad, I was used to doing all the research myself for a project. Here, when you work on projects for studio, you start off in groups and you do all the analysis, and background research together. It has sort of been a shock, because I forgot how long it takes to do it when you are by yourself. For a while, I was struggling to find a way into the project so-to-speak. Finally, I feel that now I have a strong direction in which to go with my project, which is a great feeling.

Studio life has been different too. In A-huset, there is a master thesis studio. So everyone working on their theses is in the studio, and so it is not limited to SUDes. There are people at all different stages working on their projects. It has been kind of strange going to studio and not seeing my classmates from my program every time. For a long while, a number of people weren’t even in Sweden. It is only now, that they have come back to Lund. It is always a pleasant surprise when I go to studio and see my classmates there too.

Even though the school year ends in June, in SUDes the first time to present your thesis is in May, and if you don’t present in May, the next time to present is in September. It is earlier than other programs as far as presenting. So there is definitely pressure right now to get it done, so that I can get the green light to present in May.

19 April, 2017

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