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Wondering about the wardrobe

Hello guys

I am sure many of you will be wondering what to pack and what not to pack for your wardrobe.I will add a few tips now.

So Sweden is currently experiencing a very bright and hot summer.Its likely that by the time most of you arrive on Arrival day it will be pretty much be the same weather.So no worries most of your summer clothes that you already have will do and take you through the summer.However as just at about the time wen you will be settling down with studies, the rains will become frequent.It will actually be a good idea to bring a rain suit along ,especially one you can also cycle in.It is amazing how much cycling still goes on in Lund even when its raining.And before you know it the days will begin to get shorter and the nights a bit chilly and probably your normal sweater that you already have will suffice.

Then winter comes and then you might find all of a sudden your wardrobe is no longer so useful. So, for the winter I would advice on getting a coat once you are in Lund.It also frees up space on your flight luggage to add more summer clothes.There are some good second hand clothes shops,if you like and also several shops selling the latest fashion in winter wear.I am sure you will be spoilt for choice.

Finally do not forget to bring a calculator…..

Hope to meet some of you in a couple of weeks.


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