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Where to yoga in Lund?

I believe everyone has their own way to relieve stress. I have done yoga for more than 5 years. Yoga helps me to clean my mind and be in top shape. As I love yoga, I’ve tried yoga in many different places in Lund. For those who want to study in Lund and also look for some places to practice yoga, I am going to share where you can do yoga in this town.

Raja Yoga

Raja yoga is a yoga center that offers variety of yoga including Ashitanga, Hatha, Vinyasha, Back yoga in all levels. They also offer a student discount. I think the price is affordable with the student discount. Most of classes are in Swedish but some class, upon request, can be switched to English. My favorite class is Ashitanga which is taught in English. I have improved a lot not only in Asana but mind control in this class. Staff and teachers are kind, knowledgeable and cheerful. The atmosphere here is calm, professional, and relaxing to practice yoga.

Yoga in Stadsparken

ESN Yoga & Lund Yoga Community

These are free classes organized by ESN and Lund Yoga Community. When the weather is nice ESN arranges outdoor yoga classes. Yoga outdoor is amazing! I love doing yoga in Stadparken. Sound of wind and twittering of birds is perfect background music to practice yoga. Lund Yoga Community is donation based yoga community and gives a yoga class every Sunday. It is held in LTH Student Union Gymnasium. It gives a great opportunity to do yoga with friends as all classes are accessible for everyone. 


Gerdahallen is a 24 hour gym offering a number of group classes not only yoga but pilates, spinning, zumba and so more. They also provide a student discount. As it is not a yoga center, here is less yoga classes but you can have a chance to enjoy different exercise as well.

These are places I’ve tried but there are a few more places where you can practice yoga in Lund.


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