When in Lund, get a bike.

Here comes my first blog post…Since a bicycle is the most convenient mode of transport here in Lund I thought of starting off with that.

Lund is quite a small town with each part of it easily accessible through bikes and hence it is highly recommended you get one in the initial couple of months especially if you have come for your 2-year program.
You will be surprised to see that few places much faster by bike in comparison to the public transport (buses from skånetrafiken).

It is actually quite easy to get a bike here in Lund and here are some tips which help you buy your first bike in Lund

Buy one from Facebook buy and sell groups
There are a number of Facebook groups where people buy and sell second-hand things in Lund and if you are planning to move here for more than a year you should definitely be part of it.

Literally, everything is sold in the group and bikes are very popular, especially in August when old students are leaving and new students are arriving.

This could be your first price check platform. Do check the bike out thoroughly and always push in for a little bargain before the purchase is made.

Buy one from Blocket
This is Sweden’s biggest buy and sell platform and it is very common here in Sweden to use this platform to buy and sell products, so it is also good to take a look at the prices there and check if there is a good bargain.

Buy one from the bicycle auction from Lunds Kommun
Bicycle theft is a common problem in Sweden. Some of the stolen bikes are recovered by the police and the owners are returned their bikes. If the owner can’t be found the bike is given to the municipality (kommun) which organizes the auction.
The upcoming auction dates are as given in the link are
Thursday Aug 16th
Monday 20 Aug
Thursday 23 Aug
Do have a look at this video to know exactly how it takes place:
Details of the next auction are available here:

General tips
Avoid buying bikes in the month of August as there is a high demand and hence the prices could be a bit high. Try and get a working bike because sometimes the price for fixing a broken bike could be more than repairing the bike itself.
If you have the necessary skills in repairing the bike you could find the tools and the spare parts at few stores like Biltema, Jula and Class Ohlson. You may find other essential parts such as lights and basket at a cheaper price and on discount here.
Additionally, you can visit Bike kitchen with your broken bike and use the tools and repair the bike by yourself under the guidance of experienced professional.

Bike repairs
Sometimes things don’t work out as planned and you get a flat tire or screw up the alignment of the wheels.
Save this contact. He is a complete professional and will give you the best service at an awesome price. He will come to your place and get the bike fixed at the best rates you will get anywhere in Lund.Here is a link to his website. It might be a problem to get them on call so it is recommended you text/message them.
Jim Bauhn

Good luck!

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