What the heck?

Although it is Monday it feels like last week has never ended.

It’s because I was a hacker on a food hack the entire weekend.

Since I am also doing my Master’s thesis now there was not much time to prepare so I didn’t even know that a hacker is not only an illegal job for nerds. But it turns out that this term is also used for people who want to exchange crazy thoughts and knowledge around a theme.

The best team in the world

My awesome team and me had an idea to use a (so far) pretty useless by-product of hemp oil production as an imitate of matcha. So a potential product could be Hemp Latte.

Hemp Latte Prototype

At the end a winner was selected among the 11 teams and although we did not win the money it was still a very inspiring weekend where new friends were made and a ton of connections were established.


If you a curious here is a link for more information.




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