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Welcome to the SUDes family at Lund!

LTH A-building where we spend quality time tailoring our vision

Tjena! Hope you are doing great and excited to come and join us at Lund University. My name is Wrishitesh Sarkar and I am in my second year of Sustainable Urban Design masters programme based at the A-building of Lunds Tekniska Högskola (LTH). I will be your Programme Ambassador for Sustainable Urban Design this year. After spending almost a year in this ever-active and sublime place, I am very eager to share my experiences and memories made herein, so as to imbibe the learning atmosphere of Lund.

Campus surrounding amidst nature

My primal post will be more of an academic one, as to why Lund University is the ideal place to be for an urban design student.  Firstly, the university campus is not within a boundary, but well integrated into the normal town-life of Lund with varied departments spread out from central to north. When I first came here and was taking a walk through the cobble-stone streets of the town, I felt as if each area tells a story through time. Secondly, the blending of urban greenery with the town is one of the classic urban design examples that you can experience as a student. You would notice that each area has a well balanced share of ‘cultivated green’ (might look as a small forest but it’s not). You will find out about the sustainable importance of this later on in our course. 🙂 One can usually spot a ‘hare’ or a ‘hedgehog’ just beside your apartment building which gives a feeling that you are living amidst nature.

Hope you are welcomed by one of these little guys 🙂

With regards to our department, you would see that our course is very well structured to receive new design tools and methodology of sustainable urban design. I have realized through this one year that one of our main strong-points is the method of analysis that we are engaged to do in our projects. Throughout the study period, the course journey is like a way of story-telling, first from city scale to region scale and then to global scale which finally ends with the thesis.

One of our design presentation days last autumn

I am myself intrigued with the details that we get to know every week about our designs. We also have completed some wonderful study trips from Amsterdam to Edinburgh! This is one of the perks of studying in this programme.

I’m ending this blog with a recent summer pic from Lund.

A summer sunset from my place!

Hope you all have a nice weekend and preparing to get here soon. I look forward to meeting you in a few months. Please stay tuned for more about Lund and our wonderful student life here!  Feel free  to get in touch with me if you have any queries related to study and life in Lund.

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See you soon!

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