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Welcome to Kemicentrum – Part 2

Hello guys, I am back with the second part of Kemicentrum tour!


This is the library of chemistry and chemical engineering in KC. You can find courses books here and borrow them. In addition, e-books for some courses are available on the web-page of the library, so check if it is and cut the cost! You can also print things in the library. Just need an LU card and print account.

Cafe Ester and Kafe Gallien

You always need a coffee break, Fika! Cafe Ester is a great option for it. Not only coffee and tea but sandwiches and lunch buffet are waiting for you with student-friendly prices. During lunch hour 12 am to 1 pm, a student union cafe, Kafe Gallein is open. A cup of coffee or tea is 5 kr and if you have your own cup it is 4 kr! Next to Gallein, there are many microwaves so that you can heat your lunch box and fix yourself.

I hope this post could you give a little insight into Kemicentrum. If you have more questions please comment or send me an email.

See you in a next post 🙂

20 September, 2018

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