Ways to integrate and learn more about Swedish job market

As soon as you arrive in Lund and start your studies pay attention to the initiatives like ÖppnaDörren, Kompis Sverige and Invitationsdepartementet. You might get more chances to expand your network and improve your skills, both language and professional competence if you are involved in activities of these organisations.

Kompis Sverige – apply as soon as you arrive in Lund and find a Swedish friend and practice your Swedish.

Yrkesdörren – apply in order to find a mentor in your work field – engineering, communications, medicine, etc. Swedish job market differs from other ones and it’s better to know where and how you could meet people who understand the principles.

Invitationsdepartementet – apply for a dinner with a Swedish family and enjoy time together and again practice some Swedish.

I’ve applied for everything. It works 🙂

  • Tatiana
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