Water Resources

The representation of water has changed over the course of history, it has throughout time been seen as a treasure, commodity, divine and recreational. 

As I contemplated what my next post should be about I realised how the concept of “Water resources” is changing with the development of technology and innovations.

I suppose the natural resources; springs, rivers, lakes, groundwater and oceans are constant but lately, even air is playing a role with the help of technology. What is changing is the management of these water resources. How we source the water, treat it, store it and supply it. But what I have learnt further during my Master’s study is how we interact with water shapes the definition of it as a resource. Water is not only to sustain life but also a tool to generate energy, income and employment. 

I started my studies with a limited perspective on water resources and now I am challenged to think out of the box and explore how far we can push the definition of water resources.  

Cloudfisher technology nets which pull fog from the air and generate drinking water. https://www.fastcompany.com/3068531/these-massive-floating-nets-capture-fog-and-turn-it-into-drinking-water
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