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Water Resources Engineering – water and wastewater treatment


In the next posts, I am going to explain features about the courses that I took in my Master’s in Water Resources Engineering. I will offer my opinion and experience, and some practical information that could be helpful for you.

  • Water and wastewater treatment: It gives a complete and very detailed understanding of the wastewater treatment processes. The exercises and exams are oriented for you to really understand all the hydrochemistry processes behind the treatment, and how this is applied to engineering estimates and design methods. This course will help you to understand very well nutrient cycles in water chemistry, which resulted to be very important and relevant for me when it comes to performing in other courses and in general in my professional life. The course is given in a very academic and didactic way, following the traditional method of lectures, exercises, and exams, with some laboratory work and study visits to treatment plants. I highly recommend going through the literature and take advantage of this course, even if in the beginning seem difficult.
  • Advanced wastewater treatment: this is an optative course that provides an overview of all the advanced techniques to remove microplastics, pharmaceuticals, and advanced phosphorus and nitrogen removal mechanisms. The format of the course is totally different from the previous course in Water and Wastewater Treatment. Almost every lecture is given by a different professional who is an expert in the studied topic. There are plenty of interesting discussions and dynamic exercises. The score of the course is based on a project where you can develop your interests in wastewater as far as you desire.
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Feel free to ask questions about the courses in Water Resources Engineering!



13 March, 2021

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