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Water Resources Engineering – groundwater


I will continue with my posts about the courses in the Master’s program in Water Resources Engineering! This time I will talk about the courses in groundwater:

Groundwater engineering: This course makes you understand quite deeply the dynamics of groundwater movement and the geochemistry of soil and groundwater. It combines theoretical groundwater knowledge together with engineering problems related to some of the most common groundwater prospection tests that you will use afterward if you decide to pursue a career in groundwater. Even though the course itself is very theoretical, the exercises and field practices are very interesting and applied. It will give you a strong basic about hydrogeochemistry.
Geologic Resources (

Groundwater modeling and contamination transport: This course is structured in small projects, where you will apply all the knowledge that you learned in groundwater engineering. With this course, you will continue learning groundwater through the programs: PHREEQC and GMS. From my point of view, it is interesting to discover groundwater modeling, although you will not learn programming skills, as you do not make the code for the models, you will only become a user of this software. You will, on the contrary, learn how to make a groundwater report and presentation, and how to work in teams.


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11 April, 2021

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