Water Resources Engineering 101

I have found myself being unable to articulate to people what my studies entail. I suppose for me because I am studying the programme, I tend to assume that the title is self-explanatory. this is my attempt breaking down some basics of WRE.

What is water resources engineering?

A specific kind of civil engineering (but not limited to civil engineers) involving the design of systems that manage human water resources. (www.environmentalscience.org,2019)

The importance of water resource management?

There are theories that the water crisis is not necessarily because of a lack of water but lack of management. Management allows for the development of future water bodies, the protection of water bodies from pollution and overexploitation.

What do we mean by water resources?

Sources that are useful or potentially useful to humans and the environment. The definition of the environment will dictate the boundaries of this definition. And if that is not complicating matters, I find that the definition is further complicated by the different water qualities required by humans to fulfil various activities.

What are the uses of water resources?

For an average person, the uses of water may be limited to domestic activity. Besides domestic use, water uses include agriculture, industry, recreational and environmental activities.

The good thing is that everyone understands the importance of water, even if it is limited to their needs. Water resource engineers need to do is expand people’s knowledge and understanding of the importance of water management.

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