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Walk Through A-huset: The School of Architecture and Built Environment

Soon the admissions results will be out, and I wish the best for all who have applied. In 2019, when I was admitted, I started to look for some photos of the faculty. In this blog post, I want to share a glimpse of how the Architecture and Built Environment faculty looks!

First, the name of the building! On the LTH campus, each building has a name like A-huset, V-huset, E-huset, etc. Huset literally means ‘the house’ in Swedish. ‘A’ stands for Arkitektur, ‘Architecture.’ A-huset is the house for the Department of Architecture and Built Environment, which has different programs. Two master programs of Architecture, Sustainable Urban Design, and the five-year Architecture program have their courses and studios. 

Photo by Parto

IKDC and A-huset are connected with a bridge, so sometimes we use the other building facilities like Design Labs or Cafe. 

The main foyer is where we usually have a gallery of the recent projects in some special courses. Here you can see some of the models for the course called Material and Detail 1. This course was an elective compulsory assigned to us in the Advanced Architectural Design track. You can read more about the course in the Program Curricula on Kurser

There are four big classrooms located here as well. 

We have a small but nice library close to the main entrance. You can find many books in the library, but it is easy to order an interlibrary loan even if you could not. in few days you can pick up the book you wanted. “If you want to borrow a book or article that is not available at Lund University’s library, it can be borrowed from another library in Sweden or abroad.” Library website. Moreover, Just in front of the library, there is a large computer room where you can usually find a spot to work if you need a computer. 


The big hall is a multipurpose room. Here, We had lectures, seminars, exhibitions, and so on before the pandemic. It was usually the spot to gather with friends to have lunch and absorb some sunlight. Here, the building’s back entrance is very close to a bus station having buses going to Malmö. So it is straightforward to get to the faculty by bus. 

Photo by Parto

Different workshops are located at the back of the hall, wood workshop, 3Dprinting workshop, painting studio are the main workshops we have. To use the metal workshop, extra laser cutters, or photo studio, we need to book them at the IKDC reception. You can buy some materials available at workshops or reception, but we usually purchased the materials from a store outside of the campus.  The first days it took me some time to navigate between all places with similar hallways 🙂 but you’ll get used to it. 


Photo by Parto

Let’s move to the upper floors; the second floor has a large dining hall equipped with microwaves, refrigerators, ovens, and sinks. When we were living in the regular times, this room was the busiest room during lunchtime with a queue for heating our food! Bryggen cafe restaurant is available at IKDC, where you can get a student price for the meals. However, eating every day at the restaurant is not budget-friendly. That’s why most of us bring food from home. 

What about the studios?! For sure the most used space for any design student!! Some are located on the first floor (ground floor), and most of them are on the second and third floors. There are different rooms all connected. Depending on the number of students, some design courses take five rooms while others use only one or two. These photos are taken during the pandemic when we don’t use studios as before. You can also see how the number of tables is reduced to maintain the distance! We also have a coffee machine, microwave, sink, and printers in the studios. The good thing about the studio life before the Corona was that we could access them anytime with our cards, and each of us had a table and a locker. So it was a personal workspace where you could communicate with others while having your own space. 

I wish we could have spent more time in the faculty. Hope that soon life goes back to its regular days. I hope you have enjoyed this little tour; feel free to reach out if!

7 April, 2021

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