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Vårdcentral – Sweden’s Medical Assistant

Hej Hej Hej,

I am back with a new post which essentially concerns anyone who is living/ studying or working in Sweden. Down with a flu in Sweden? Have sprained your ankle while playing a sport? Need medical attention? Your first step to resolve these issues is to visit your nearby Vårdcentral. Every locality in Sweden has a Vårdcentral which is essentially a medical clinic with nurses and doctors to have a preliminary look at you and you problem. You can either make an appointment online or directly visit the nearest Vårdcentral to get your self checked up. 

The most essential information which required to be possessed by a certain individual is a personnummer and a Bank ID ( for online bookings). When you first visit the Vårdcentral, you initially meet a nurse which will do a preliminary examination of what you are suffering from and if the symptoms have a bigger picture to look at. If yes then they recommend you to meet a doctor which you do depending on the doctor’s availability. If not then you are recommended a medicine or no medicine by the nurse depending on the severity of the problem.

The prescription of the medicines is directly uploaded to the account linked to your personnummer which can be accessed by the pharmacy (Apotek) to provide you with medicines that can only be taken using prescription.

The typical cost associated with visiting a doctor might range from 100-300 SEK depending on where in Sweden are you visiting the Vårdcentral in. But since I am an International student studying at Lund University, I am medically insured by the Lund university. So whatever cost I bear for the doctors and even for any procedure & medicines, is refundable to me. For information regarding the refund process through insurance, you can visit your university’s administration/ international office.

My advice: If you do not have a severe case, first try and visit Apotek and let them know about your problem since they can suggest some medicines which do not require prescription and can help you get through your problem. If the issue still persists, then certainly take help of Vårdcentral and get better.

In the end I would say, Be safe and healthy. Take care!

Until Next Time, Bye-Bye

Palash Maru



29 September, 2019

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