Traveling Between Copenhagen and Lund

Traveling between Copenhagen and Lund had once been an easy, direct journey. With the building of the Øresund Bridge the region used to pride itself on its open borders where one could live in Denmark, yet study or work in Sweden (or vice versa). The journey from Copenhagen airport to Lund was a mere 30 minutes. However, with the refugee crisis being felt in Sweden, stricter controls have been put in place. The once easy 30 minute journey now takes about an hour with a changing of trains at Malmö and less frequent services.

Travelling home after spending New Year’s in London I had my passport checked three times. Once at the airport passing border control, another at the train platform before entering the train and the final time at Hyllie station, the last stop before the train crossed the bridge to Sweden. There were many guards and few ques. The process was quite simple and speedy. I do hold European passport, so maybe this is why I was checked quickly.

The most inconvenient part of the journey was changing trains at Malmö station. I was distracted on my phone when I looked up and realised everyone had departed the train. It can be hard to understand this kind information as announcements on the train are not always in English. I quickly picked up my things and was helped by a kind stranger who directed me across the platform to another train waiting to depart for Lund. I then waited 10 minutes on this train for it to leave the platform towards Lund.

I believe this experience may be quite intimidating for some of the new international student’s arriving to Lund. I did make it to Lund with no problems in the end which was helped by the fact that I have taken the journey between Lund and Copenhagen numerous times. I hope that the International Desk at the university has made the new student’s arriving to Lund aware of this changed policy.

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