Traffic in Lund

Lund is a nice small town. You can easily reach everywhere by bike in 20 mins from Lund center. However, bike traveling more than half an hour everyday could be quite tiring because the town is not flat. I had a hard time the first semester when I lived in green house, which is all the way down to the edge of the town. It became even harder in windy and rainy days during the winter.

There are green buses and yellow buses in Lund. The green buses travel only in the town and you can only pay with jojo card or your phone. The yellow buses are region buses. They can take you to some other cities close by. You can pay with jojo card, bank card or your phone. The train in Lund central station takes you to both Danmark and other cities in Sweden. One important thing is never forget to bring your ID with you when you go to Danmark. Otherwise you may get stuck at the border on your way back to Sweden.

The traffic company has an app called Skånetrafiken, which shows the time table for buses and trains and sells tickets. It’s more reliable than google because it also shows bus delay or advance. The public transportation is very user friendly, especially to babies, pets and disabled people. When the bus stops at a bus station, it leans a little bit towards the pavement so that people can roll wheels onto the bus easily. It is also quite expensive to travel around in Sweden compared to other countries. As student members, we can get monthly card at a much lower price, which is very nice.

Summer is here! Time to travel around 😀

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