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Tour to the Swedish Lapland!

Hi everyone, hope you love reading our posts about our student life at Lund University, what are the exciting things that one can do or places to go to in Sweden when you have free time. We hope to keep you motivated with our memorable moments and wonderful experiences. Today’s post is of fulfilling one of my bucket list about visiting places in Sweden!

Well, as our masters thesis is nearing, we as urban design students need to select a project site for our design. As it aligned with my thesis topic, I finally selected Kiruna which is in the Swedish Lapland. AND a place to experience the northern lights!

Kiruna, as you might know is the northernmost city of Sweden and located within the arctic circle. Temperatures generally drop to around -20° C during the winter hence proper clothing is absolutely necessary. It took us 20 hours to reach Kiruna by train from Lund, with a change in Stockholm. The first view of the city when we reached in the morning was truly marvellous! Everything was covered with almost six feet of pure white and soft snow and it just felt like ice cream with a vanilla topping!

Apart from my site visit and analysis work for the project, I made sure to save time for tourism in the Lapland. So here’s some of the exciting things that can be done in Kiruna!

  • Stay at a camp hotel if you are in groups and book various tours like tour to the famous Ice Hotel, husky tours, viewing the reindeers and also 2 nights of stay with the local Sami community! You can book all these tours from any hotel you are staying as most of them organize these tours and can help you. Or, you can also find more information through the Tourist Information Office located near to the Kiruna centrum. One should definitely try to do at least one of these tours while visiting here and I can surely say that this will be one of your life-time experiences!
husky tours: photo courtesy- Authentic Scandinavia
  • If you are visiting Kiruna mainly to see the northern lights, then I would advise you to go little bit more towards the north, in Abisko or Riksgrånsen which is located just beside the border between Sweden and Norway. One can expect a clearer sky there in order to view the auroras. Though it is hard to see the auroras as they occur due to sudden solar activities, but you might be lucky as many have been and it is one of the most beautiful thing to experience on earth! I was unlucky to see only a small glimpse of it though, but will definitely get back to look out for it again.

  • You can also take the inter-city rail to Narvik in Norway and it is one of the most scenic rail route in the whole world. The views were absolutely breath-taking as you can see the famous Norwegian fjords and the serpentine North Sea flowing through them.
the fjörds

It was truly the most memorable journey of my life and if you love the winter and snow, you will surely hear the ‘call of the North’!

28 February, 2020

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