Tools widely used in Academia – TeX (1)

Tex is a comprehensive and powerful platform for writing scientific documents & publications especially in Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Economics and Engineering.

Instead of formatted text (as used in Word, Pages, LibreOffice Writer, etc.), TeX users are writing in plain text. By several lines of formatting commands, content throughout the document are stylized, as well as page layout, indexing, footnotes, chapter headings, cross-references and bibliographies, etc. Even a complex graph or a table can also be drawn in plain text and here is an example that I drawn just 10 minutes ago in my laboratory report.

Since the software-based Tex/LaTeX is pretty complex for beginners to configure, ( several different individual softwares are in collaborative work mechanism ), to provide beginners a quick and convenient way to create, edit and share documents, here are two free online services providing LaTeX where you can experience how amazing the TeX works: OverleafSharelatex. For more details such as the local-software-based LaTeX, please click here.


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