‘Tis the time of Autumn

And that means the time for darkness, illness and of course exams… Unfortunately my body has decided to accumulate the feeling of darkness into illness. And that just a week before the exams. Luckily there are no lectures to be missed, only precious study time. And when it comes to studying whilst ill, I’m not an expert (yet); I’d just like to lie down and watch Disney movies. Instead, now I’m trying to read through some study material. But there is hope! I found out that a combination can actually be made: you put on a Disney movie, and since you’ve probably seen it before, your mind can get distracted, it is at that point that you grab you study material and start reading/studying until you fall asleep. I felt kinda relieved when I woke up with my books in my hand and the film at an end, that I had actually managed to study for a bit.

For all of you feeling the same as I do, get well soon! And for all of you with exams starting, I wish you the best of luck!

OK. Bye.

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