Things to do in Lund

When moving into a new place or town, it is perfectly normal to feel excited, nervous or anxious. Perhaps even all three at once. When the stress of settling in has passed, you might wonder what a small town like Lund can offer you during your spare time. Continuing or starting new hobbies may be a good way to spice up your resume. But more importantly, it may be a good way to make you feel at home, keep you balanced during your studies and help you make new friends. 

A popular place that seem to attract every citizen of Lund is a community run house called Stenkrossen. Its warehouse-house-looking building offer a range of activities such as art-workshops, theatre classes, acro-yoga, DIY bike repair, children’s gymnastics, circus training and open performances. The majority of these activities are free of charge and their schedules can be found either on Stenkrossen’s website or on each activity’s facebook page. 

Alternatively, on Högevallsgatan are two sport facilities, Poseidon Swimminghall and Högevall. They are open for public use but also for those with interest in waterpolo and boxing. Feel free to check out the links and explore your options. 

For those of you who like to self torture at the gym and reap the reward of a healthy physique and reduced stress levels, Lund has a lot to choose from. Some of the most common ones I hear other students talk about are Fitness24Seven, Gerdahallen, Actic, and Crossfit Lund. There are several of each in Lund, so you might finding one very close to your new residence. 

Once the weather gets brighter and warmer, you might look forward to venturing out on an outdoor run, bike ride or long walks instead. Lund is made for pedestrian traffic and there are many beautiful views on the hilltops outside centre of Lund. 

Despite the small town life-style Lund offer, it might be able to sustain your current hobbies or allow you the opportunity to create new ones! Speaking from my one year experience in Lund, it is definitely worth while to maintain other passions alongside studies. It enriched my student life and I hope it will do the same for you!

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