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Thesis writing and social-distancing

As the rest of Europe, Sweden is currently trying to slow the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve. For most people, this has meant fewer time spent socializing and more time working and relaxing at home.

For those of you not used to working from your house for long periods of time, I bring some suggestions of activities and resources that can help pass the time and diminish the stress.

Apart from setting weekly or daily goals and establishing a working routine, your body needs some moving as well. There are plenty of online fitness options but one of my absolute favorite is Fitness Blender, this channel is created by a couple who love to workout and have done hundredths of free videos for every level. So, whether you used to hit the gym five times a week or whether you just want some distraction, this page is for you!

Another nice way to pass the time and give your body a little stretch is yoga. Whenever I feel overwhelmed I turn to yoga and always end up feeling a little bit better. My favorite free yoga channel is Yoga with Adriene. She also has countless videos including playlist for specific moods or part of the body you want to pay attention to.

And most importantly, keep in touch with the people you love. Set up weekly Skype calls with your family or online Fika’s with your friends. If you need someone else to talk to and you are a student in Lund you can also contact the Student Health Counselling Center or look for local resources in your area.

Hope this resources are useful to you during these trying times! Remember to take care of yourselves and take care of those around you!

22 March, 2020

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