Thesis project – how do I push myself?!

New year and new semester started. With it comes the final project which we have to plan individually. Creating my own schedule and forcing myself to follow my own deadlines is what scares my the most, cause sometimes I miss motivation to get myself going. I believe all of us struggle to finish on time!

Most of us found already subjects around October-November, which is a good idea since you need to find a tutor who will have time for you. I also wanted to fill in all papers before leaving for Christmas break.  It was important to me to find a Tutor who is not affraid to share his/hers opinion and give me constructive criticism. I looked for a subject and location which is close to my heart and will keep me excited throughout the process.

With the beginning of new year I went for a perfect planner and notebook search to keep myself organized. Is it just me who have very specyfic requirements towards a planner/calendar? Fortunatelly I found a perfect one. It was very helpful for me to study schedules from previous semesters and base my own on them. Now fingers crossed for following it!


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  1. 1 February, 2017 | 00:46 | Primary School Student

    Yeah, so I’m not a PhD student, but have started a Thesis of my own. I suppose its more interesting when YOU are the one choosing the subject, and not the funders for the research.

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