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There is beauty midst chaos…

So, it is coming to an end! After almost two years in LTH’s Designcentrum, this is the final month of school before the Industrial Design master is over. I will be a Design MA in about 22 days!

Of course this has not come easily…this month has been basically working a lot in school or sitting in front of my computer writing the project thesis (or documentation, as we like to call it in the Designcentrum) until late night…however, there is a light in the end of the tunnel!

Since May 1st it has been insanely sunny in this beautiful green city of Lund. No rain, no clouds, just sun and high temperatures (23C yesterday to be exact). So I obviously took my laptop outside and wrote from the garden. So this beautiful month it’s not entirely lost on hardwork!

Days like these make you ask yourself….what’s a grey winter again? No recollection of that… 🙂

DSC_0815 1

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  1. Ayman Eissa Bassi

    Hello, firstly I congratulate you for finishing the MA programs.. I wish for you all the best. I am from Sudan.. a semi final studan in water resources Eng. And I would like to study my Master in this wonderful and great Uni. As I read about. And I would like to chat with you about it so as to have good information before I apply. So if possible you may E-mail me at thanks a lot.
    SUDAN Uni. Of Science and Technology

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