The Swedish Chef

It’s only a matter of days until new students reach Lund and start their new adventure, I know you have a mix of feelings of enthusiasm, fear, joy, and longing. But don’t worry it will be a great chapter in your lives. I remember those days last year when I was planning my trip to Lund, and I only regret one thing, is if I learned how to cook some of my favorite dishes.

There’s plenty of food options in Lund from restaurants, kiosk, and the university cafeteria. However, the university food is a bit expensive for everyday meal and the options are a bit limited. Plus, opening hours are disturbing for me, 2 PM is when the university cafeteria closes their kitchen while I have my lunch at 3. Moreover, there’s plenty of restaurants and food kiosk in the city, but Sweden in general is an expensive place to live in and the whole city closes early, so a late snack is a bit difficult to find.

For me, coming from the middle east, food is not a survival instinct it is a joy, while food in Sweden is more dedicated towards healthy and small portions, I found hard time adapting to the food here. Therefore, cooking was the answer for me, and since I had hard time in distance learning cooking from my mom and watching YouTube videos, I encourage you to start practicing your cooking skills from your homes. And the best part is that you will have nourishing food whenever you want, you can save money and you will have something to bring for the potluck dinner where everyone brings a course or dish.

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  1. Glad to hear, then you can do some serious money saving.

  2. 8 May, 2018 | 15:34 | oladoja S bolajoko

    Interesting, am glad i can cook lol

  3. 3 August, 2017 | 13:58 | Helene von Wachenfelt

    🙂 great post!

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