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The sun is out (FINALLY!)

Hej everybody!

Hope every one is in the best of their health especially amidst this corona virus pandemic. As I had discussed in my previous post, social distancing is the ‘panacea to this pandemic’ and I have been strictly following a routine of self isolation. It has been two weeks now and still counting.

Last year, I expected some snowfall during the winter season, but alas Lund did not experience one. The duo of cold and wind hitting my guts and chilling me to the bones was a lot of fun in its own way, but I had been eagerly for the ‘spring sun’ to bestow its rays of warmth. Finally, those days have arrived. Fort the past 3-4 days straight, I have been waking up everyday to this warmth of sunshine ( yes my room in Eddan is east facing :p). Although I have been self isolating, as soon as the sun came up shining so bright, I just could not hold it anymore and snuck out to my balcony a few times just to enjoy the great change in weather. It has been shining hard and bright and I am sure everybody is having second thoughts about isolation and quarantining, but guys these kinds of pandemics do not occur everyday but the sun surely can. Hence it is responsibility to curb our urges and maybe enjoy the sun from inside the room for now. I promise that it will definitely be a good feeling when the virus is contained and then you shall enjoy the sun while feeling proud of the humanitarian duty which you adhered to in order to contribute to this containment.

The bright sunshine
                  A beautiful sunny day captured from Eddan’s balcony

That is it for today guys! Stay safe, be responsible and adhere to social distancing. Let us fight it together.

Best Regards,

Palash Maru

26 March, 2020

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  1. Arun Kumar

    Stay safe, Paalash.

    Your Hej Da

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