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The Nobel Lectures 2018

As we all know the Nobel prizes are one of the most prestigious awards that scientist can receive. The prize ceremony takes place annually in Stockholm, Sweden and the Nobel laureates give a lecture on a subject related to their work that the prize has been awarded for. I thought this year was a perfect time for me to attend one of the lectures related to my study. The lectures are open to the public and are held in English. No registration or entrance fee is required.

I took a train to Stockholm the day before the lectures of chemistry. It was about 5 hours long trip but didn’t feel tired because of the thrills going to the Nobel lecture. On the day of the lectures of chemistry I went to Stockholm University where the Nobel laureates make a speech. In front of the hall, there are posters and papers giving the ideas of laureates’ work. This year three researchers were bestowed the Nobel prize in chemistry – Frances H. Arnold, George P. Smith, and Sir Gregory P. Winter. I sat in the hall 20 minutes before the lecture and read them getting in the mood.┬áThe lectures are for everyone meaning it is not too difficult to understand even if you are not familiar with the subject. In fact it was intriguing and such an awe to listen their research journeys. It truly inspired me to devote myself to study and was a very honorable moment in my life

Nobel prize laureates in chemistry (Twitter/Nobel prize)

The lectures can be seen as live webcast online while the lectures take place in Stockholm. A good thing being a Lund university student is that some Nobel Laureates come to Lund and give a lecture at Lund University after the official lectures in Stockholm. Besides, the recorded lectures are uploaded on YouTube so do not worry if you can’t go to Stockholm nor attend one held in Lund.

18 December, 2018

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