The new beginning…

As already said, Arrival day for the autumn semester was on 16th August and these two following weeks were the orientation weeks- full of fun activities and some practical information sessions. Also, I must say, Lund now feels full again with all the new students and other students coming back to start their new semester.
So, the orientation weeks are now over and 29th August marked beginning of the new semester with which comes new courses, some work load and a lot of new learning.
This is the first study period of the Master’s programme in Wireless Communication 2016. I believe, the first study period is always special and unique as not only the courses are new but also the city, culture, accommodation…almost everything. For many of us, it is the first time studying abroad which makes it more special. But there is always a first time…so don’t worry at all if you feel a bit nervous. In fact, I would say it is perfectly fine. It is a sign that you are doing something different…something that you haven’t done before. It may demand you to learn more skills and competencies but it will definitely enhance your personality, boost your confidence and make the ‘New You’ better than the ‘Previous You’. And if you need any help… we are always there  🙂
May you have a great year ahead!
Cheers to the new beginning!


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