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The Day of the Semla

Did you know that Sweden has several national days in honour of various baked pastries? I don’t know if any other countries do this, but it is certainly a sign of how much Swedish people love their fika.

‘The Day of the Semla’ falls on the same date as Shrove Tuesday (this year 16th February). On this day, Swedes indulge in a baked sweet known as ‘Semla’ which is a sweet bun with loads of whipped cream and almond paste. In the last few years, bakeries and cafés have also been more and more innovative with how they make the Semla, and these days you can find so many different variations of the traditional bun.

Some other key national days in Sweden is the 4th October, which is the Day of the Kanelbulle, aka the Swedish cinnamon bun, and 25th March – Day of the Waffle. So if you like sweet treats, then Sweden is definitely the country for you!

Do you have any favourite Swedish sweet?

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1 February, 2021

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  1. James Heah Wheeder

    When will the application start ?

  2. Emelie

    Hi James!
    The application for master’s programmes at Lund University to be started in 2021 closed in January, but will open again in this autumn.
    Kind regards,

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