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“The Beast from the East” comes to Lund

Whether you have experienced it yourself or not, you undoubtedly have at least heard about the cold weather and the snow storms happening recently throughout Europe. This extreme cold has affected Sweden too. Located in northern Europe, Sweden is usually considered a cold place. However, for us living in the south, the winter seasons are milder compared to the rest of the country. Yesterday the heavy snowing experience gave us the feeling of a proper northern Europe winter. “The Beast from the East” storm was felt even in Lund with long hours of snowing, which is unusual for the area.

This is a photo I took yesterday morning from my window. Unbelievable picture for Lund where even though it snows several times during the winter, the snow melts quickly in the next few hours. Both yesterday and today have been quite unique days and even more so for those of us coming from countries with a warmer climate, hence so much snow not being a common experience.

Enjoy the snow and keep warm!

1 March, 2018

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