Taking part in social life

Do you wonder how to…

  • expose oneself to a lot of spoken Swedish
  • get to know locals and
  • have a lot of fun?

There are tons of free-time activities in Lund that can provide you with that. If you’re interested in speaking Swedish, you should not hesitate to join the open sessions that most of the clubs and activities offer in the first weeks of a term – even if they are sometimes only promoted in Swedish. The activities may be in some way associated with student unions, but there are also a lot of clubs that are independent. You can find a list of some of the activities in Lund here.

I joined for example LTH-kören, the choir at LTH, where not only students of LTH sing together. Are you interested what we have done the past weeks? If you’re in Lund, you can actually listen to us on November 25th – find more information here.


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