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Cherry blossom season

It is April! The spring is coming 🙂 The weather has been amazing this year, we got a lot of sun and warm days, but when it comes to April, usually the weather change a lot in between days. I always call it as “weather in puberty”, just like how teenagers are, it is changing all the time. But that … Continue reading

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It looks like spring is here!

Holaaaa! The weather has changed a lot in the last week and I couldn’t be happier! It is still cold, as it is to be expected until the end of the month in my experience, but the sun is out almost every day and it makes such a difference in your everyday life! Now the sunsets are around 7:30pm and … Continue reading

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Spring is here…

Spring has officially arrived in Lund and the weather doesn’t get much more beautiful than this. It’s warm, sunny, and simply lovely everywhere. A good excuse for taking a break from the thesis writing process and enjoying a nice picnic with friends. Enjoy the sunny days! Irma

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The passed weekend, and actually the passed week, the weather has been incredibly good! I got a good sunburn at Valborg (which is already blogged about by one of my fellow bloggers). But now this weekend we had a small event for ourselves here in Helsingborg. I spend the afternoon in the park, with my classmates, and with some of … Continue reading

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Traditional celebration of spring: Valborg

Valborg (walpurgis night) has very little to do with religion and everything to do with the arrival of spring in Sweden. On 30 April, as spring approaches, Lund University students gather together in Stadsparken (the city park) for Valborg, or ‘Siste april’ (the last day of April) for a festive celebration. During the day, students in groups have barbecues and … Continue reading

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The weather is getting better~

Recently, the sun has shown up more often and the spring is around the corner. Many kinds of flowers have already bloomed. Every time when it is sunny, many people like to bathe in the sunshine, which is really enjoyable and comfortable especially after a long dark winter. A good weather also gives relief from the heavy work of the master thesis. … Continue reading

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New year, new life!

when I am writing this blog, I can hear the fireworks outside the window and in a couple of hours, it will be New Year, 2017. How time flies! Can you remember what did you do last new year? How many new years’ resolutions have you achieved in the year 2016? New year is coming and you have new hope … Continue reading

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There is beauty midst chaos…

So, it is coming to an end! After almost two years in LTH’s Designcentrum, this is the final month of school before the Industrial Design master is over. I will be a Design MA in about 22 days! Of course this has not come easily…this month has been basically working a lot in school or sitting in front of my computer … Continue reading

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Spring in Lund

Spring in Lund is one of the most incredible times of the year. I remember a friend reassuring me in my first year in Lund that Spring would come eventually and that it happens over night. She was right! After a long and dark winter you wake up one day and it is green everywhere. Temperatures can reach up to … Continue reading

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Spring is here

Probably you have already have read a lot about the Spring in Lund thanks to the posts of my friends. Spring, however, deserves all those posts and even more as it has arrived with light, warmth and happiness.  To be honest, for me that it is the first time I see what seasons are, I never imagined the drastic change of the … Continue reading

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