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Christmas time

Hello people, One of the advantages of being in Lund is that you’re only 1h train ride  away from Copenhagen, where you can enjoy some “big city” events. Throughout December, there are many Christmas markets to be enjoyed. Not only a sight to sore eyes but also some typical and tasty food can be found.  Definitely a trip worth taking. … Continue reading

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Traffic in Lund

Lund is a nice small town. You can easily reach everywhere by bike in 20 mins from Lund center. However, bike traveling more than half an hour everyday could be quite tiring because the town is not flat. I had a hard time the first semester when I lived in green house, which is all the way down to the edge … Continue reading

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My master thesis~~

As a biotechnologist, we always have many options and opportunities ahead. Be it any research area, we can apply our knowledge and prove our mettle. With such wide options ahead, I chose molecular biology related science to pursue my master thesis. I am currently working with yeasts, to elucidate the factors responsible for divergent non-coding transcription. It has so far been amazing, … Continue reading

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Classes: Urban Processes


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Traveling Between Copenhagen and Lund

Traveling between Copenhagen and Lund had once been an easy, direct journey. With the building of the Øresund Bridge the region used to pride itself on its open borders where one could live in Denmark, yet study or work in Sweden (or vice versa). The journey from Copenhagen airport to Lund was a mere 30 minutes. However, with the refugee crisis … Continue reading

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A quiet Christmas in Lund

I spent my second Christmas away from “home” this year. I put “home” in inverted commas as I have been away for so long that my definition of “home” and where it is has begun to change. Last year I spent Christmas with extended family in Germany, where I enjoyed home cooked meals, Christmas markets and warm gluhwein! This year … Continue reading

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Looking Back: Arriving in Lund – late…

I thought I would share my experience of arriving in Lund University. If you are like me you have probably looked through Lund University’s website to the point where you are starting to have parts of it memorized. For international students, they have what is called “Arrival Day.” Originally, when planning to come to Sweden, I had planned to come … Continue reading

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