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Swedish Christmas

Sweden gets in the mood of Christmas early in December. I noticed  Christmas decorations are being sold from November. Swedes undoubtedly love Christmas and I want to share Swedish Christmas traditions that I got to love as well. Lussekatter and Glögg (Saffron buns and mulled wine)  Lussekatter are sweet buns flavored with golden saffron with a reversed S-shape. On 13th of … Continue reading

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God Jul allihoppa! Yeap, marked today, the semester finally really ends! Welcome Christmas Holiday! We finished our final presentation for the third project course which will be our last project course before the thesis starts. Honestly, I haven’t feel ready about it, everything feels so blurry and I’m not sure how I should handle it. But hey, life goes on … Continue reading

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Learned it the hard way

If there is one thing that I learned to survive the weather in Sweden, that is.. When the sky looked bright and you feel like having a bit of the sun on your skin, do it right now! (Don’t wait for any reason, except if you really could not do it).  I experienced it several times already, and I could … Continue reading

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A well-deserved break

The holiday season has started here in Sweden so there are no more activities at the faculty. A well-deserved break! 😊 People use this time differently. Many people go home to celebrate the holidays with their loved ones and some people go travelling during this period. Some students also stay in Lund and experience how Christmas and New Year’s are … Continue reading

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Holiday Lights

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Welcoming Christmas and the New Year!!!

As we enter last month of the year, the city is all dolled up to celebrate Christmas and welcome the New Year. This year’s Christmas tree decoration is special as it has beautiful bronze ring ornaments, marking the 350 jubilee of Lund University. More information about the jubilee can be found at Lund-university-350-years The pretty decoration on streets along with … Continue reading

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Vinterlund: how Lund is preparing for cold and dark times

This weekend seems to be a beginning of a very important time in Sweden. Christmas is one of most important celebrations in the year and you will see that Swedes love their lights, stars and candles. Last Friday around 4pm the christmas tree in the city center was officially lit up. Weekend was filled with christmas related markets in center … Continue reading

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A quiet Christmas in Lund

I spent my second Christmas away from “home” this year. I put “home” in inverted commas as I have been away for so long that my definition of “home” and where it is has begun to change. Last year I spent Christmas with extended family in Germany, where I enjoyed home cooked meals, Christmas markets and warm gluhwein! This year … Continue reading

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It was nice to celebrate Chirstmas Eve here in Lund

It was really surprising to receive an invitation to celebrate Christmas Eve with other international students here in Lund. This gave me the opportunity to meet lots of people and got to know the way they celebrate Christmas. I had a lot of fun, tasty foods, new friends and some nice memories to take with.  🙂 ~ Mohammad Abu Mursalin Sajib  

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Spending Christmas in Sweden? Hm.. Not so bad!

After 1,5 years in Sweden, this will be my first Christmas to celebrate in Sweden. Swedish people are really into the Christmas celebration, Christmas lights were up since November, pretty enthusiastic, right? In their families, they exchange Christmas wishlists, so it is much easier to buy gifts! I have wished for a toaster or a sandwich maker this year, let’s see … Continue reading

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