Swedish Summer

Hi, it’s me again, Inez! Continuing my introduction post, I was talking about how nice it is to do outdoor activities during the summer in Sweden. In this post, I will give some images about places around Skåne which is really nice to visit.

Firstly, my pretty regular activities are watching the sunset. Helsingborg is a nice place to enjoy sunset since we have direct access to the water/sea, and as a bonus, we have direct sight to Helsingør (Denmark) as well. On the way to Gröningen – an area close to the central in Helsingborg – there are a lot of yacht parking on the port, that can result to great view during sunset. Beside providing great sunset, you can basically swim on the water as well, it is not really deep. Worth to check first if the water temperature suits you or not. 🙂

Sunset with yacht background on the way to Gröningen


For the real outdoor activities, I would recommend going to Söderåsen National Park. It is a national park in Skäralid which can be reached in around 1.5 hours by train and bus from Helsingborg.  For more info about what to do on the park, you can check it here. When I came there, me and my friends had lunch and chilled on Odensjön Lake. You can swim on the lake too if you want. It is fun, refreshing, and free! Really worth to try. 🙂

Having lunch with friends just right beside the lake

Meet some of our new friends. PS. they are really friendly!

Swimming on the lake

Enjoying the time while dipping my feet


Another lake recommendation to visit will be a few kilometers away from Lund, which is Dalby Lake. This lake is surrounded by cliffs. It was a bit scary to jump to the water, but once you do it, you won’t be able to stop. It’s fun and thrilling. Would be nice to visit if you have the time.

The view on Dalby Lake


As a closing, let me give you a photo of another sunset that I took from Västra Hamnen, Malmö, which located only a few steps away from the famous Turning Torso. Enjoy summer!

Sunset in Västra Hamnen, Malmö

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