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Swedish Spring around the corner!

Hej allihopa! The wait seemed endless but finally here we are, spring and light are at the doorstep! Personally I am part of this kind of people that is weather-obsessed since I started living in Scandinavia and the arrival of Spring makes me the happiest person in the world.

In spite of living in Copenhagen, the weather is the same as in Lund due to their proximity and it couldn’t be more awesome. Spring and summer are my favourite seasons in Sweden, everything is bright, people start crowding the streets, flowers are blooming and you feel an energy boost to do any of your daily activities; especially if these involve the outdoors!

If you have/will have the gift that is living in Sweden at this time of the year, don’t think twice, stop being lazy and get on your bike to explore the surroundings without 1123214234 layers of clothes over you. In southern Sweden there are beautiful hiking routes such as Söderasen national park, Kullaberg or Skrylle. And if you aim to go deeper in the exploration, wandering around Ven island (in front of Landskrona) by bike during summertime is an alternative getaway to get relaxed after so much working in your proyects and personal challenges.

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