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Swedish education;Study visits and Guest lectures

Hie guys. It has been an exciting week so far getting to know some of you studying in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.During the past week I had the pleasure of joining you to the IKEA excursion and I will just like to give a little relevance I found on these trips. I will also add a little to say on the guest lectures.

The IKEA trip may seem like it came too early ,especially for those who have not been in the warehouse before. Do not worry I was in the same shoes! I actually wondered about the relevance of the trip. Soon enough the warehousing course will come and for those who had the opportunity to ask a few questions and get answers it will add to the clarity in understanding the course.This will be true for other company visits and I would say maximise on these trips to get as close to the real world of logistics and supply chain management as possible.

The guest lectures are an even more interesting dimension to the study system. Soon you will have more guest lectures coming in the schedule.I found it interesting to see how close industry practise relates to lecture content yet sometimes the difference is so big it encourages you to find bridging ideas.

So there you have it, a closer interaction with industry and practise in the subject area adds to the already interesting lectures.

Last but not least, do not forget to grab a rain coat on time. There is nothing as disappointing as sitting through a two hour lecture in drenched clothes.

Good luck!



2 September, 2018

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