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Swedish Christmas

Sweden gets in the mood of Christmas early in December. I noticed  Christmas decorations are being sold from November. Swedes undoubtedly love Christmas and I want to share Swedish Christmas traditions that I got to love as well.

Lussekatter and Glögg (Saffron buns and mulled wine) 

Lussekatter are sweet buns flavored with golden saffron with a reversed S-shape. On 13th of December, Saint Lucy’s Day, my friends and I baked vegan version lussekatter, cerebrating one of the biggest traditions in Sweden. One more thing I can’t miss on the day is Glögg!. It is a hot mulled wine served with almonds and raisins. I was eagerly waiting Saint Lucy’s day to have the best bun, Lussekatter, with heated glögg. It helped us to be in the Christmas mood.


Adventsljusstake (Advent Candlestick) 

It is time to lit candles! Food technology department has been decorated with a Christmas tree and triangular electric candle holder since December! Traditionally four Advent candles are lighten one by one every Advent Sunday to Christmas. Almost every window in Sweden is brighten with the triangular candle holder from December. As the daylight hours get shorten during winter, I also started to light candles. It always gives a warm and cozy atmosphere.

29 December, 2018

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