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Summer jobs

Hello everyone! And welcome to my first post on this blog. Join me over the next year to learn about the life of a Water Resources Engineering student in Lund.

At the time of my writing this post, I am on summer break in Leipzig (Germany), where I’m working as an intern in an engineering consultancy focusing on the construction of infrastructure projects such as drinking water pipes and canal systems. Before coming to Lund, I never had an extended summer break, where I could seize the opportunity to gain some¬†real-life experience working at a company, which makes this current experience all the more valuable.

It’s quite common for Swedish and international students in Lund to look for summer jobs for at least part of the three month summer break to make some money and ideally learn something about the work one would like to do upon graduating. In practice it can be a bit tricky to find the “perfect” summer job as an international student, because many Swedish companies prefer native Swedish speakers. For me, it boiled down to choosing between a more lucrative job (in terms of the salary) and one that would include more interesting work and I chose the latter one.

My current employer is a Swedish company that has offices all around Europe working on civil and environmental engineering, as well as architectural projects. In my first few weeks at this job, I was able to apply a lot of the skills that I acquired in the last year studying in Lund. For example, taking the hydromechanics course (VVRN35) came in handy, when I was faced with some design problems regarding the slope of different sewage pipes. So far my tasks have included supervising a fairly large construction site, creating plans in autocad, and statistically analyzing the offers on various construction services for ongoing and upcoming projects here in Leipzig.

Drinking water pipes waiting to be installed at "my" construction site
Drinking water pipes at “my” construction site, just before being installed.

As with every internship I’ve done, I am learning a lot and I can only recommend prospective students to use their summer break to work as a water resources engineer, if they can find a suitable position.

Otherwise, I am really looking forward to meeting the new batch of WRE students on arrival day or in the first weeks of the fall semester!!

25 July, 2019

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