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Summer Internship at Ericsson Headquarters

Tjena/Hej to all you sweet souls!

My name is Palash Maru and I am in my second year of the Masters program in Logistics & Supply Chain Management at LTH, Lund University. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at

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Stockholm! The capital city of Sweden a.k.a The NYC of Scandinavia. The happening and aesthetically pleasing city with the best roads, the best museums, the best public transportation and most importantly the best PEOPLE of Sweden. From the artistic ‘Tunnelbanas’ to the ecstatic archipelago, every bit of Stockholm oozes bliss. From being the source city of the famous and paradoxical ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ to being one of the top 5 cities of the world having the best work life balance, Stockholm is and can be everything you want it to be. 




Well, enough about me describing Stockholm as all ‘sunshine and roses’. Let us cut through the chase and talk about my internship experience at Ericsson AB headquarters in Kista, Stockholm. The first question which must have struck anyone’s brain after reading the title of this blog is : How did you apply for it? How tough is it to get in especially for International, non-Swedish speaking students? How is the work culture, environment and the work-life balance at such corporate giants? What field was the internship pursued in?  Don’t you worry child ( Swedish House Mafia reference :p), all these questions will be answered. Just sit tight throughout the ride.

So a little intro about me and my masters program. I am pursuing my masters in Supply Chain Management & Logistics from Lund University, Sweden. My experience with this programme has been stupendous up to this point. This programme is the perfect blend of theory and practice, which enables you to build strong foundations in the area of supply chain management and logistics. The teachers and staff are highly qualified with a plethora of knowledge and a solid understanding of what they know and teach. I absolutely adore the programme because I am exposed to different dynamics in both business and engineering management, and I get to work in groups collaboratively as well. The programme has lived up to my expectations so far. In Lund, I got the chance to meet new people and experience the different seasons. Life outside the University is a bit slower than it is in the big city where I grew up, but I am getting used to it now. Lund and Sweden in general are very welcoming and student friendly. Do not worry, my international friends; almost everybody speaks fluent English in Sweden!

Having said all the above mentioned, due to the program structure and quality of education associated with it, I felt really confident for applying to different companies for internships in the field of supply chain management, logistics, sourcing, warehousing & procurement. I started to apply through company websites and mostly through Linkedin. I got calls from Ikea, H&M & Ericsson. The selection process for all these internships were rigorous, often involving more than 3 rounds including Video CV interviews, HR interviews and final interviews with the hiring manager. After all these hardships, I ultimately landed an internship at Ericsson AB headquarters in the Inbound Supply Management Dept.

My work: Technically Responsible for driving capability and running capacity management. The cardinal work was to establish and maintain supplier governance, execute transactional sourcing and optimise the use of capital resources. Indirectly responsible for maintaining dimension and setting up the supply chain of the company. In simple words I had to replace 3 people who went for summer vacations and had to act as their backup and perform all the tasks mentioned. The internship lasted for roughly 2 months, was well paid and was one of the most chilled out work experience I ever had. Everyone at this company was very knowledgable, experienced, skilled and most importantly polite & helping. My work and life were perfectly balanced as I was just required to work for not more than 7,5 hours a day with an option to work from home if required. This kind of flexibility is what made my internship fun. 

In conclusion, I would certainly root for Sweden and specially Lund university as a preferred institution for your education augmentation which provides people from all over the world an equal opportunity to nurture, polish & nourish your talents and put it to a worthy use for the betterment of one’s own-self, people and the planet.

I welcome all the newly admitted students and hope that potential students will get some clarity & motivation in making the decision to pursue studies in Sweden. 

Until next time, Hej då

Palash Maru

19 August, 2019

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