Summer break is coming

Hej everyone!

My name is Ruben, and I will, over the coming year, share my experience as an international degree student in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management program, as my predecessor Minja will finish her studies at LTH soon.

The spring term is coming to an end now and the entire 2016-2019 batch will be done with their exams on Wednesday. Last week, the first batch of students in this study program presented their thesis projects, which was an interesting opportunity to find out about possible fields and outcomes of such projects.

Please use the comments below for reactions regarding the articles or use the email address provided in the right sidebar to get in contact with me with regards to more general questions.

After the summer break, the students of the program will reassemble after we have been following our different plans all over the world – some of us will work in Sweden, others might go back to their home countries.

Enjoy your summer, too!


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