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Studying at Lund can have a global impact

Studying at Lund can surely have a global impact.Last week my colleagues and I spent time at the UNEA conference in Nairlobi wee we showcased the motor vehicle technology we have brought to East Africa.Our intentions are to use the skills and knowledge that we have gathered from studying in Sweden for the betterment of the world,anywhere in the world were there is a need for sustainability. Through studying at Lund,I have managed to make a whole new network of people who driven by passion to do good to the world.Thanks to the SI scholarship ,without which,I would not have been able to study at Lund, which has led me into a whole new profession.Below is a snippet of Opibus at UNEA (OPIBUS is a Sweish based startup currently carrying out electric vehicle conversions and solar energy systems in Kenya.It was founded by 6 university students 5 from Linkoping and 1 from Lund)

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