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Staying Active in Lund

Studying often means long hours of crouching over the computer screen and spending a lot of time in lecture halls and libraries. I don’t know about you, but I really concentrate better and feel more alert if I do something active and move my body in between the study sessions. Therefore I thought I should share a few things that I like doing to stay active in Lund.

 Outdoors activities

  • Walk around the hills of Sankt Hans Backar. There’s also a nice viewpoint from the top of one of the hills where you can see a lot of Lund. 

  • Go for a bike ride outside of the city. Lund is surrounded by beautiful fields and farms, and a bike ride offers such an easy way to explore it. If you want a longer bike ride, you could bike to Lomma Beach and finish up with a swim too! The picture above is me when I biked to Lomma in the summer. 

  • Visit the nature reserve Skrylle for a walk, bike ride or hike!

Indoor activities

  • Join a gym – there are several gyms in Lund with lots of different classes and equipment. I was a member of Fitness 24/7 during my time in Lund and thought it was a great gym with lots to offer. Actic and Gerdahallen are also two other gyms.

  • Yoga classes – my old yoga studio unfortunately had to close due to the pandemic, but some of the gyms offer yoga classes, and there’s also Raja Yoga. 

  • Climbing – both Lund and neighbouring city Malmö have some great climbing spaces, such as Klättercentret. I had never tried climbing before living in Lund but really enjoyed it, a perfect way to exercise the entire body!

Ps. Not all of the gyms are currently open due to the pandemic, so keep an eye on their websites for the latest updates.

27 April, 2021

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