Startup Fair 2017

Every year, LTH organizes the Startup Fair which gives the students and entrepreneurs a chance to connect with each other. It gives an opportunity for the students to find out all about the innovative, and exciting ideas and developments going around in Lund and Malmo.

If you are looking for a summer job or a Master thesis project or you have an innovative idea and are wondering how to proceed…then this is an ideal opportunity for you!!!

There are several events over the week (24/March – 30 March), and more information about all these events can be found at Startup Fair 2017

Last year during the exhibition at this Startup Fair, I found one particular startup idea very interesting and then landed up working for the very same startup during the summer…and it was really a very nice experience.

So, do not miss this opportunity to visit as many events as possible during the Startup Fair 2017!


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