Starting with the Master Thesis

After finishing the last exam when coming back from the Christmas break, there was not much time to relax, as it is time to start with the degree project. Which is very exciting and makes a lot of fun if you chose the right project for you.

I think it is important to start looking for an interesting project around November-December, by talking to Professors and see which projects they are working with and what you are interested in. Like this you have a guarantee that you will be happy with what you are working for the next half year. For the Programme of Food Technology and Nutrition the final project includes lab work and that is why it the Thesis must be made in a company or at universtiy. So try to be fast when making a choice or your colleagues might get the best projects 😛

Another interesting aspect is that you can make your degree project in pairs, so if you are still happy about group works after uncountable group works during your courses, then you can take advantage of this opportunity and elaborate your work with someone else together!




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