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Social Distancing – A panacea to the pandemic

Never though that a virus pandemic named after my favourite beer would take the world by storm. Corona Virus has been declared by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a global pandemic and till date it has infected more than 350 000 people globally with more than 14 000 deaths. The toll of infected people in Sweden itself has risen to more than 2 000 people. Overall, It is the worst pandemic the world has witnessed after the infamous Spanish influenza in 1918.

This pandemic has caused global tensions at a level which nobody had expected and some countries are suffering way more than the others. Specifically, China, Europe and the Middle East have been hit to their guts. But every country has taken major steps to control and contain this Virus. For instance, in Sweden itself, most of the offices have advised their employees to work from home and universities have adopted to e-learning to limit social gathering as much as possible.

How much ever the government of any country steps up its game, it all boils down to the ‘people’ and how they manage to control it from the source. Washing your hands regularly, keeping your surroundings neat and sanitised and most importantly social distancing are some steps which are highly recommended for anyone to take in order to combat this situation. No body would like to be isolated in a tiny room during spring, but that’s what the situation demands. I have self-quarantined myself for nearly 10 days and counting now. This is the best I can do to ensure that I do not get infected with this virus and even if I do in the future, social distancing and self isolation would not let it spread to anybody else. Remember people, it is just not about us, it is also about the people whom you surround yourself everyday with. I might be able to fight this virus because I am young and maybe my immunity system is good but what about those little kids and elderly figures with pre-existing medical conditions. On a humanitarian basis, we are responsible for the survival of each other. 

Hence let us remind ourselves constantly of all the necessary measures which we need to take in order to win this battle. Yes there will be a devastating aftermath of this corona virus economically, but with our efforts it would be way less devastating. Economies will surge soon again but for that we need ‘people’. Remember there is no Planet B for now and even if it were, it is our responsibility to take care of the people and planet in which we currently live in.

Take care guys and I am posting a link which I use to track the corona virus situation everyday. Might help:

Hope everything gets back to normal as soon as possible, till then be responsible, safe and socially distanced

Adios Amigos,



23 March, 2020

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