So far, so good

Third semester in, perhaps it is a good time to reflect 🙂

Coming to Lund has been the most valuable decision I could have made. Many people study abroad but it is most exciting when you study in the right place. There is a reason many people end up calling Lund their home years after studying; there is a way in which Lund creeps into your heart and finds a soft spot.

To be honest, I have only just settled in, only just claimed my space and engraved the streets into my memory. It took a while, moving across the world is no easy hurdle. So here are some of my thorns and roses so far:


  • I lost my residence permit the first few weeks of arriving in Lund. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was exceptionally upset about it. It was my first lowest point. Highly disappointed in myself, I dragged myself to the police station. Upon arriving I was shocked to see the police station closed. My first culture shock.  In South Africa, the police station is open 24hours, every day. It was then I realised if crime fighters can take a break, then I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.
  • The winter. Enough said.

My snow woman


  • My best academic record has been here in Lund. That is not to say the work is easier than my previous qualifications. It is because of the exceptionally conducive academic culture. The attitude against competitiveness goes a long way. From the fairness of lecturers to having enough time to digest each course you do, I appreciate how Lund has made me enjoy school.
  • GYM. GYM.GYM. This is how I got through the winter
  • Opportunities galore. Internships, scholarships, activities, start-up support, summer jobs, conferences, seminars, networking, thesis topics, job fairs… these are literally all at your fingertips.
  • Friends. I can attest, you will find lifelong friends when studying abroad. In Lund, the international student population ensures that you find people that make memories all the more sweeter.

Friends at the scholarship ceremony

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