Snowy Lund!

Hi everyone!

Winter surprised us again and so Lund is covered in snow….even in March! However, this does not happen often and it is unusual for everyone living here. This is part of the cold wave that is affecting most of Europe currently, as you might have heard.

What I find very interesting is that there are still people going around with bikes, even though there is a lot of snow and it is sooo cold! This would never happen in my home country! I am also riding my bike to university every day, but a few days ago when the snow and the cold weather started I didn’t dare to bike and I took the bus instead. So, I decided to take up a challenge and try going with my bike today as well. I put hundreds of layers of clothes and went on a journey! Why I say a journey? Well, I live roughly 20 mins away from Kemicentrym (with a bike) and I expected to spend a lot more time now with the snow. It was definitely a bit of a struggle with the wind and it also began snowing again so it took me roughly 30-35 minutes. Not all of the streets were clean so I had to walk on some parts but I felt it was so much fun! It felt like the city was so quiet and everything had stopped. A bit romantic in a way since it was all white and snowing. I can recommend it, but just if you are in the right mindset and don’t have a meeting or something like that in the morning to cause you to stress.

Stay warm!


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